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About Moca

MOCA is an innovated & specialized digital media agency & Ad platform focused on Asia market with the local team in India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, collaborating with global top publishers for branding advertising, and ensure ROI for performance campaign with in-house Ad platform and anti-fraud tools.

Our Vision

MOCA is a China-based global digital marketing company founded by a group of prominent marketing and technical experts specializing in mobile advertising. Our vision is assisting companies to penetrate in untapped markets in localizing, branding, and innovating.

Together We Are the One.

MOCA is the abbreviation of Mobile Cactus. Cactus symbolizes vitality, bravery, and endurance. It survives in deserts with the extremely harsh conditions while providing the life-saving supplies to whom was passing by. As stands for cactus, MOCA has the adaptability, perseverance, and great love to share and be shared. We seek common ground and partnership to turn a desert to a land of plenty.


Latest News

2019 Myanmar Q2 App Rank Report

In the past 6 months of 2019, the global mobile application market has many changes beneath the surface. How does the Myanmar mobile application market perform in this period? MOCA …